Checotah High School Sophomore Keeps Active with YAHL

My name is Aiyana Brewer. I will be a 2025 graduate from Checotah High School. Like my school experience, this is my first year with YAHL. As you may know, YAHL is a Program of TSET for Health Leadership.

Youth Action for Health Leadership (YAHL) helps communities and teens live a healthier lifestyle such as physical activities, drinking water, and eating healthier foods. Physical activity impacts my life because I play sports such as basketball, track, and cross country. Along with sports I have to eat healthy to stay in shape. Being healthy and active is very important to me. My family and I all believe being healthy mentally and physically is the number one thing. 

At school, nutrition is important. At lunch it’s required to get a fruit and they recommend drinking a lot of water. We also have a courtyard for the people at lunch to be active. My school has after school programs that help people stay active and healthy. Although the school does have its flaws such as vending machines, junk food, and celebrations. Personally I think it’s okay to have these things but i feel we don’t need as much as we have. With YAHL and the Elevate Student Health policy it could help students be healthier.

With YAHL I have helped my school stay healthy by doing things such as, helping in our Winter Wonderland event, taking surveys, helping others take surveys, and spreading the word about YAHL. Things that I have learned with YAHL are that students actually want to live healthier lives. By changing the current health policies in Oklahoma, we can help students stay healthy!

Written by: Aiyana Brewer

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